More than ten times the accuracy of a radar gun.

Break Speed combines high-resolution audio data with new Break Recognition technology, created specifically for Break Speed, to provide you with extremely accurate results.


Does that small change in your grip hand really make a difference?

Break Speed is the only solution that provides the kind of accuracy you need to squeeze that last bit of performance from your break shot.


Take it with you to league and tournaments.

Let Break Speed provide you with the feedback you need to understand how you perform under pressure.


$4.99 - that's all.

  • Buy it once and use it forever
  • Unlimited lifetime support
  • Free lifetime updates

Predator Cues and Break Speed Join Forces on Next-gen Application Press release

Jacksonville, Florida: Predator Group and Break Speed are proud to announce a partnership in developing the next generation Break Speed application for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Over the past year, as the Predator R&D team finalized and tested the new BK3 break cue, a unique relationship and partnership formed with Break Speed developers Paul Nettle and Craig York. The relationship began with Predator testing the application alongside it's own speed measurement equipment and the Iron Willie robot, following a number of testing sessions, the Predator R&D team found the application so accurate that a partnership in pool science began.

"The application is really spot on. During my many testing sessions with the Predator Team there was very little deviation between the Predator testing equipment and the application," said Predator Pro Mike Dechaine.

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2010 US Open First-ever live Break Speeds

Break Speed was featured live at the 2010 US Open 10-Ball Championships in Las Vegas on May 21, 22. We're not talking about a paid advertisement here. We were asked to provide the first live break speeds ever to a professional event. And we did it with a phone!

How does it work? It's like magic!

Speed calculation requires distance and time (hence, we say "55 miles per hour".)

Break Speed calculates the distance automatically when you select your table and cue ball position. Time is calculated by listening to your break shot very carefully to find the exact moments in time where the cue tip hits the cue ball and where the cue ball hits the rack.

Automatic break recognition requires the use of advanced audio analysis algorithms engineered specifically for Break Speed. This technology is capable of telling the difference between your break, and the player breaking at the table next to you. Our Break Recognition is very effective at discerning your break from the ambient noise in the room - we have even captured break speeds of players from across the pool room (with music playing!)*

* Some functionality is device-dependent (see FAQ for more details)


The player of the decade Mika Immonen showed me this at the 10 ball US open and from there I knew I had to own it... It actually is so responsive and accurate I could barely believe it. Truly a great product.

- A.J "Turtle"

If you play pool - get this. You will not regret it.

- "Jimt" on AZBilliards

This is amazing!!! It really works accuratly across the noisey gotta get this.... Well worth the $

- Uplaymepool

Does it work? It definitely does. I took Break Speed to the pool hall. People changed their plans for the day and were queuing for their turns until the place was closed.

- Hippoglossusman

It's a no brainer if you have a iPhone. I saw this used today at the pro event and was very impressed.

- "Popeye" on AZBilliards


- "teedotaj" on AZBilliards