Introducing: Break Speed

  • Select your table and cue ball position

    This is an important step which allows Break Speed to determine the distance required for speed calculations. Be as accurate as you can when setting the cue ball position!

  • Record your break

    A timer will be displayed giving you plenty of time to break. Don't worry about others breaking around you while you're recording - Break Speed is really good about discerning your break from others.

  • View your break speed

    Your break speed will be clearly displayed.

  • Verify and edit your results

    Every version of Break Speed allows you to see, in fine detail, exactly how your speed was calculated by allowing you to view the audio waveform. You can even adjust the selection to see how it affects your break speed.

Top features

  • More accurate than a radar gun
  • Capture any break
  • Great training aid
  • Verify and edit your results
  • Easy to use
  • Lifetime upgrades
  • Written by pool players for pool players
  • Take it with you to league and tournaments
  • Select your table and cue ball position
  • Hold your own break speed competitions
  • Impress your friends
  • Makes girls go all googly-eyed


Actual screen shots from the iPhone version.

Each device has different capabilities and follow device standards for user-interface design.