About support

Support is managed by the developers of the product directly. When you send in a support email, your email will go directly to the person responsible for creating that product.

Please be aware that there are only two of us, and we're each responsible for multiple products (as well as the support of those products.) We don't mind answering support questions, but please take a look at the FAQ and/or documentation (if available for your version of Break Speed) before submitting your question.

Thanks, we really appreciate your interest in Break Speed!

Support contact

For support questions regarding the iPhone & Android versions, email the developer at: [Please enable JavaScript].

About the developers

Break Speed is developed by Paul Nettle and Craig York. Both have a real passion for pool and play on the BCA team Trouble in the Dallas area. We'll be at the BCA National Championships in Las Vegas in 2010. If you are there, don't hesitate to look us up and come cheer us on!

If you like Break Speed, we would really appreciate you telling your friends to pick up a copy.

Paul Nettle

Paul developed the iPhone & Android versions of Break Speed. He is currently working on more features for the software.

Paul has been programming for over 27 years, specializing in creating state-of-the-art 3D technology for games. He took some time off from games to work for an audio voice processing company, where he learned a lot about audio technology. Today, he is back in the game industry and is currently the Technical Director of Developer Support at Gearbox Software.

Craig York

Craig is an engineer and has been developing or managing technology in some form or another for the past 18 years. Currently Craig works for Dell where he manages a strategy software effort for a large client. Craig is a registered BCA pool instructor and has been playing pool since he could drive to a pool hall (24 years).